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Estate Planning

When planning your financial legacy, you face a crucial decision: who will benefit from your assets? With three potential beneficiaries – your loved ones, charities, and the government – prioritizing their needs becomes paramount. 

Wills, Power of Attorney and Health Directive

Essential for asset protection and smooth transitions, wills safeguard business owners’ legacies and ensure family security. They dictate asset distribution and guardianship, providing peace of mind by securing the future for loved ones and preserving business continuity.

Executor Consulting Services

Our executor consulting services assist in managing the complexities of fulfilling philanthropic commitments in estate administration. We guide executors through legal and financial aspects, ensuring charitable intentions in wills and estate plans are honored and efficiently executed, preserving your legacy and philanthropic impact.


Estate planning with trusts offers business owners a sophisticated strategy to manage and protect assets, ensuring a smooth transition to beneficiaries. This approach minimizes estate taxes, provides financial security for heirs, and maintains control over the distribution of your assets. Trusts are essential for preserving your legacy and securing your family’s future.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning strategies minimize estate taxes, maximizing what you leave behind. By optimizing tax implications, we preserve your wealth for future generations, ensuring your legacy flourishes and supports your loved ones and causes you value deeply.

Life Insurance

Opt for life insurance as a savvy alternative to expensive trusts in estate planning. Decide the fate of your assets: prioritize your loved ones, support cherished charities, or leave it to government hands. With life insurance, you control the distribution order, ensuring your wealth flows exactly where you intend. It’s a strategic move to protect your legacy, offering a clear path for your assets to benefit your chosen beneficiaries efficiently and according to your wishes.

Charitable Giving

Support causes you’re passionate about with strategic charitable giving. Our approaches, including life insurance and bequests, not only make a societal impact but also offer significant tax benefits, reducing taxable income and enhancing your philanthropic legacy.